D600 with 24-70 right focus issue

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Re: Lens Issue?

Hello David.  If you are focusing, using the far right focus point, but the left side of your image is blurred but the right side is in focus, then this would suggest one of two things.  Either your sensor is tilted, unlikely but possible.  Or, you have de-centered or shifted optics, a more likely cause.  If you focus with the left focus point, is it as blurry on the left side?  My comments are based on the assumption that the sensor plane is perpendicular to the test chart.  Do you have another lens to test with?  Cheers.  -Norm

DavidChell wrote:

I took some portrait shots the other day and was disappointed at how soft they were, so I did some investigation, this revealed a soft focus issue when focusing using the far right focus point (see image).

Comparison of left, centre and right points.

Naturally I'll be contacting Nikon service (whom I've had fantastic response from with regard to the oil/dust issue).

I find it particularly annoying having the right focus point faulty, it means I'll have to focus/recompose all the time when shooting in portrait orientation.

Test shots were on a tripod with focus chart stuck to wall, using pan head to use alternate focus points.

ISO 400, 1/80th second, F 2.8.

Any comments regarding the validity of my tests etc are welcome.

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