got the camera what's the lenses

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Re: got the camera what's the lenses

Indulis Bernsteins wrote:

Yes a vote for the extremely fun and relatively inexpensive Samyang 8mm F2.8 (also available cheaper rebranded as Bower US$300).

You can even use it as a decent panorama lens, line up the horizon dead centre, then crop later. Watch out that your feet and hands don't end up in-shot.

The 17-55mm is a great lens as it is versatile and good image quality. The 35mm F1.4 for those darker shots (and amazingly sharp photos).

Pancake 27mm F2.8 when you want the camera to fit into a jacket pocket (some jackets!), and for unobtrusive street photography.

Hand grip is almost essential for those of us with non-child hands. New one with battery holes or 3rd party equivalent.

I just got the 55-200mm lens and at around 80-100mm it is a fantastic portrait lens!See photo below at 90mm.

Basically just buy all the lenses though I'd start with the 17-55mm and the Samyang 8mm.

Latvian Festival, UK

PS set up a couple of custom settings, I have C1 set to colour Auto ISO 6400, C2 to Colour Auto ISO 800. Ignore Auto shutter for when it gets a bit darker, choose C1 for very dark or C2 for twilight, set shutter speed manually to suit the subject and let the aperture and ISO figure out what to do. So 1 click right in the Q menu gets me from BASIC to the safest colour setting for all conditions, 2 clicks gets me to C2 for better quality.

I have C7 likewise set to B&W Auto ISO 6400, and C6 to B&W Auto ISO 800. These 4 are all I need. If I want a special photo I load C2 or C6 (ISO800) and then just dial the ISO back to 200.

On the Custom Setting menu, think of BASIC as "what state the camera is in now", it is not a custom setting really. Then the Custom Setting you select (C1-C7) "loads over" the current camera state when you press OK. Then you modify BASIC (current state) if you want to.

thanks so much.

lovely shot .

I now have a new XF 35 f1.4 plus 18-55 the lens that pushed me to fuji system.very nice lens.

I will pick up 10-20 and after that the remarkable 56 will be at the bag sooooon!

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