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Re: a black & white image!?

Alex Notpro wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Should perhaps, but do they? Here are a set of crops from (aka Lenstip when translated to English) showing the 36 MP Bayer D800 versus all three 15 MP Foveon Sigma DP Merrills. The images were processed (by from RAW by means of DCRAW (no sharpening, no NR). The crops from the Merrills were upsampled (by me) in PSE 2.0 to roughly the same size as that from the D800. Does it really look like even-steven resolution-wise to you?

Note: Click on the image to view it properly.

A B&W image seems to me like a really strange way to compare sensors where the key difference between them is how they capture color. It's like using a scale to compare two cars' speeds. Or trying to use a speed radar to figure out which one is heavier. What am I missing???

What you miss is the fact that white is a mix of all three primary colors and that black is the absence of all three of them.

But I don't mind showing more colorful examples too, like the 100 percent crops below (again click on them to see them properly). The sample images in this case come from Imaging Resource and were processed from RAW (by me) using DCRAW so that neither any sharpening nor any NR is applied. As in the previous case I upsampled the Merrill images in PSE 2.0 to roughly the same size as those from the 36 MP Bayer FF sensor, in this case represented by the A7r rather than the D800E.

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