Just wow :)

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Just wow :)

I got off of work just a little early, so I decided to grab my camera, run to my park, and stomp up the hill, to try and get a few more (hopefully better) Western Bluebirds In-Flight....

And let me put it this way.... I honestly don't see myself doing any better, at least, to a degree noticeable enough, that it would be worth putting in any more best light hours trying to top them. So basically, what I'm saying is, I am done shooting "these BB's, at this nest, this season". Not saying a beautiful BB shot might not end up in an assorted set of mine, here or there... just not "these birds"...

Instead, I'll be looking for new quests to conquer

Anyway, these get better and better, I promise

The first couple had some wing chop, but were quite cropable, and the focus was right where it should be, so I used them anyway

Oh also, none of these shots needed heavy cropping anyway, as I was really close to the birds ! 12-13ft ? Hence the reason I have finally been getting the AF to lock on them a little more consistently.

Some of these might have odd cropping, such as this one, where the bird was low in the frame, so no other way to crop it, and still follow the rule of thirds and such....

This was darn near a full frame shot ! In fact, the centering was so perfect, I just removed a small border nearly equally all the way around. My favorite shot

This is a 100 percent crop from the shot above.... and not only was she holding the beetle, but also, a spider, right behind it She is a little bug catching machine !

Him and her. He did have some kind of little Earwig or something, along with some weeds... and she's sitting above him, still holding that beetle

Hope you enjoy them



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