X-T1 Auto ISO bug?

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Re: X-T1 Auto ISO bug?

clockface wrote:

clockface wrote:

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MayaTlab0 wrote:

Perhaps because you have enabled auto DR ?

Thank you everyone! Yes, I set DR to 400% in day one and never checked. I will set it to 100% from now on.

Look like there is no free lunch after all! That 400% DR robbed me the clean low ISO IQ!

Not so. You wouldn't notice but you would've benefited from the apparent increase in DR, as long as you take JPGs at least.

Best set to either DR100 i.e. don't use the DR extpanson facility or set it to AutoDR with AutoISO so it can use DR100, 200 or 400 as the camera sees fit.
If taking RAW then don't use it as it only underexposes the RAW file. Use it on JPG and it works its "magic".

I tested it with auto DR and Auto ISO both turn on and the minimum ISO it will go is 400!

As I said earlier "...or set it to AutoDR with AutoISO so it can use DR100, 200 or 400 as the camera sees fit..."

If it selects DR100 it could use ISO200, if it chooses DR200 it will have to choose ISO400 as a minimum, if it chooses the DR as DR400 then ISO800 will be its minimum.
It's more a case of the ISO being used to set an underexposure rather than any significant degradation of the image. As I said earlier it will use ISO800 in bright conditions but you won't notice any loss of IQ.

Try it take the shot at ISO200 with DR100, then take the same shot with DRauto and ISOauto. Compare the shots in blinkie mode, which has the more blinkies?

OK, you are the judge today:

Two photos taken a few moment apart (The time took to set ISO from auto to 200). As I said before, DR was set to 400. Auto mode.

Not the best examples! I suggest taking a scene which has a wider range between light and dark eg a scene brightly lit with a cloudy sky. See which version gives you more detail/less blinkies in the sky.

I find AutoDR useful, you may not. And bear in mind it's for producing JPGs with a minimal/ or no PP. If you're happy to PP or take RAW then I suggest you turn it off.

This come from the same photos:

Yes, the cake (highlight DR) is there! But would you eat it?

I give up mate. Take the advice or leave it, it matters not to me. You take an initial two pics to compare that are dull and "designed" not to show anything, then you take another two that are again extremes, this time taken into the sun. Seems to me that you are deliberately obfuscating matters. I'll bow out now, only trying to be helpful, looks like you've made your mind up.

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