D4 or D800E for birds?

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: Might be a lot to expect for $1069

I have 100% faith in the Digital Picture crops at the chart distance at least, it's never let me down choosing a lens or misled me in any way.  Does anyone have any hard evidence to demonstrate softness with this Tamron lens?  Pictures?  At the very minimum I would provisionally consider it well within the necessary parameters to produce a very sharp bird pic, which is a lot less revealing target than a test chart.

Having used the 500VR with the 1.4 t.c., my bird shots show a notch worse sharpness than the 80-400VR at 400mm, and it's an easy call.   I'll just have to see with the Tamron.

Even if it is merely 95% as sharp as the 500VR at f8, which appears to be more or less the case, I would consider it a godsend not to have to carry around the leaden weight and bulk of the big primes, to say nothing of paying for them, which I will never do.

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