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halai wrote:

MrSkelter wrote:

I've been watching the 1 system since launch. The speed has always been the appeal. As a parent with two small children my many (and I mean 40+) cameras have failed me. The only option for really high speed are pro bodies which are too big. Not too big for me, but too big to manage whilst being a parent. I refuse to become a 'photographer' who observes my children while indulging a hobby.

I didn't buy the V1 because the lenses didn't appeal. I don't shoot zooms on anything. The primes just weren't exciting. Then came the 32mm and the V2 but the beautiful Bahaus design of the V1 gave way to the the V2 which was just too ugly to own. Finally the V3 arrives. No big improvement in quality but pretty enough and I jump. V3, grip, viewfinder, kit zoom (never mounted), 32mm, 10mm 2.8, 6.7-13 zoom (a first - my first zoom ever) and the 18.5 1.8.


The speed and tracking are everything I hoped. More so in fact. It's the fastest body I've ever used of any type. People moan about the price but I don't see it. The camera will track my child running, full-speed, into the lens in midday sun, at f1.2, with a 1/16,000 shutter if need be at 20fps. There's nothing else I know of that'll do that. I can take picture I just couldn't before. The closest I could get would be a D4 or 1DX, about half as fast and ten times the weight.

If you're a multi-system shooter, who can put up with only okay low-light performance, I'd recommend this body over anything for this work. I had the budget to buy anything I wanted, but I don't want weight and all the APS-C offerings are much slower and offer only much larger lenses (I'm looking at you Sony).

Downsides? I wish I could get GPS without giving up the EVF. GPS is now essential and its omission is ridiculous. I'd also like to be able to change the shooting mode between high-speed and single with a single dial or button press. The function buttons won't let me unless I've missed something. Finally, compared to my other 'weird' carry-everywhere body, the Pentax K-01 (so slow, so good), the build quality is appalling. Yes it's built better than most compacts but have you touched a K-01? Milled from a lump of solid quality (until you get to the rubber card door). They cost the same as new, build it that well.

Finally I have no issues with the micro-SD. I always buy a card for each new camera and this can be adapted to be read by anything. Make the smaller card the standard now and give space back in the body for to tech and battery. There's no downside unless you're trying to cheap-out on memory (which makes no sense, memory always gets faster). Suck it up. Reminds me of the blowhards who bemoan SD over CF.

I love the thing. If you have kids it's a no-brainer.

Do you have any pictures of your kids running with this camera? I am also interested but not sure how it tracks. Thanks!


Sorry I don't post my personal stuff online. Maybe I can find an example.

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