Nikkor 70-300 vr vs 70-200mm f4

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Re: Nikkor 70-300 vr vs 70-200mm f4

krikman wrote:

pjsl wrote:

Welcome comment on the two.

currently own 70-300 vr

wonder how much acuity improvement 70-200mm f4 would have over 70-300 f4.5-5.6 vr?

Would it justify to replace 70-300?

70-300VR is nice but 70-200f/4 just superb. i.e. good example of 70-300VR have just enough acutness at best for 12 MP DX, but 70-200 f/4 resolves 24MP DX easy at any range.


My findings exactly.  The VR on the 70-200/4 is the best I've used and waay better than the 70-300VR.  I found the 70-300 to be pretty mediocre at 300mm on 12MP and the 70-200/4VR + TC14E to be very very good at 280mm (and the VR works great with the TC) on my 36MP D800.

The 70-200/4 has been one of those lenses from Nikon that I've been overly impressed with, the 70-300VR quite the opposite.

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