Stuck Pixel on my X-T1

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Re: Stuck Pixel on my X-T1
Add at least 20% to the cost of every component you buy from them to allow for full quality control and the problem goes away. Your $1200.00 camera will now be perfect, but will cost closer to $1500.00. Your thousand dollar lens just jumped to $1250.00, but there would never be a single speck of dust in it (which I have a hard time believing that people get their panties knotted about anyway, dust happens eventually)

This thread is about a stuck pixel and not about adding 20% for better quality control. Sooner or later every sensor will develop some stuck or dead pixels. How would adding 20% to the cost of the camera prevent this?

On the other hand, I can only guess that adding a pixel mapping routine to the firmware would increase the final cost of the camera by a few cents.

My 2 cents...

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