Small walk around bag for D800 + 50mm f1.8g

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Re: Small walk around bag for D800 + 50mm f1.8g

SnappyS wrote:


Any recommendations on a very small lightweight bag but with sufficient padding to carry my D800 with 50m f1.8g lens for walking around the city for a day? The camera will be carried in the bag most of the time and only taken out while visiting various tourist sites. The smaller the better. Other than a spare EL15 battery, no other equipment will need to fit.

Thanks in advance.

Check the Case Logic bags, too.  They are not too expensive, high quality, and come in lots of sizes and shapes.  I have five of their bags, including their large and small SLR bags, and a sling bag. The large SLR bag will carry a D800 with a 300mm lens and a battery grip attached, plus batteries and a flash unit, with room to spare.  the outside bottom is semi-hard plastic, so setting it down on wet surfaces is not a problem.

One great feature is their camera suspension system, which holds the camera and lens suspended in the bag so that they aren't in contact with the bottom of the bag. If you drop the bag or set it down hard, there's an inch or two of space between the hard bottom and your gear.

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