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Interesting reading all the comments - here is a mini-review (he spent more time on it than Steve!) and Steve's reply...

"Love your site, been visiting for awhile. Been an owner of the Nikon 1 system for well over a year. I have a Nikon 1 v2 and just got the Nikon 1 v3. I have to disagree with you on allot of what you said. I think you should be doing a review, and should not have shelved the product because your first impression did not match up to your expectation.

I was skeptical at first particularly because of the removable grip and EVF. I was not happy about the XD card slot either. The body feels better and more sturdy then the Nikon 1 v2 and the built/materials seem better quality. I like the size of the design. The v2 was almost sometime too large for me and I did not bring it with me everywhere. I feel better about taking the EVF and the Grip off and bringing it with me in my pocket to the grocery store encase I want to use it.

The fact that you could remove the EVF was almost a deal breaker for me. I have never used a camera with out a viewfinder. I always look though viewfinder to frame my photographs. I am having to get used to using the camera when the EVF is not attached. The fact that the screen tilts helps as I can get a better viewing angle if I need. I was intrigued by the tiling screen. It is a big bonus that I can tilt the screen, look down at the image, and shoot from the hip. It reminds me allot of a TLR ROLLEIFLEX style camera. Should be really great for candid street work.

The v2 EVF never tilted, so I did not expect the v3 would. The LCD screen on the V2 did not tilt but the screen on the v3 does. It is a trade off. You can get better shooting angles while sill being able to see your shot with the v3 then you can on the v2. That is an improvement over the last version.

I have also never liked touch screen on a camera, but I will admit the touch to focus feature is nice. There were times on the V2 that I could not get it to focus right where I want. I find being able to tap where I want focus during certain situations… like macro to be quite useful.

I don’t get why people are saying the microSD card slot is a deal killer. I admit I am not a huge fan, but I have yet to remove the card from the camera when syncing photographs. I bought the largest capacity and that should suite me for most needs. I don’t travel much so don’t need to bring a bunch of cards with me everywhere I go.

I like the Wi-Fi I wanted something that increased my workflow for instagram… yea I know I do some marketing of products on instagram with photos… this helps me get the right to the photo for editing into the proper format. The Wi-Fi does not work quite how I imagined, I had to call tech support because the interface was confusing. Think of it like a direct connection from your camera to your phone. You can shoot live mode through the phone, but all the controls on the camera are not functional while you are connected.

I am most disappointed by the smaller battery. I noticed the life cycle is really going to be affected. I got much more shooting time out of my V2 battery. A couple extra batteries might be necessary for longer shoots. The Wi-Fi also eats up battery pretty quick it seems like.

I did not think about two aspects of the removable grip and viewfinder which are minor, but should be noted. You can’t access the battery when the grip is in place. If you are using the EVF you can’t use the external flash because the hot shoe is taken…. now out of all the iusses with the camera this one is probably the biggest. If i need the EVF and the off camera flash I will have to switch back to my v2 unless I figure a workaround out.

The only feature that the Nikon 1 v3 and V2 don’t have that prevent me from using it as my work camera (Real Estate Photography) is bracketing. If it had that I would be able to do my HDR photographs much easier, and this camera system would probably replace my Nikon D7000. I have a bad back, so the weight difference alone would be worth the switch. Personally the v3 has a place in my camera collection and I am glad I decided to pick it up.

  • Sounds like you like the V3, so that is good. Some will enjoy it, some will think it is lackluster for the money. I just do not see anything that makes me want it over a V1 or V2. Its a Nikon 1, but why the external EVF for a V series? Why the small battery? Why Micro SD cards? Makes no sense to me for the price point. It is a good camera, not saying that at all. My issues is it is not enough to get my recommendation over a V1 or V2 which can be had for dirt cheap and deliver similar results, and for me, in a more enjoyable body. But glad you are enjoying it as that is what it is all about. There is no right or wrong, and everyone has an opinion I’m just let down by what it is."
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