Is the RX100 II Right for Me?

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Is the RX100 II Right for Me?

I'm planning on selling my FZ200, not because I don't like it, but because for me I feel like I may as well be carrying a full size DSLR.

I need something compact as a backup that is pocket sized. It doesn't have to be tiny, but definitely pocket sized. I had a G10 a while back, and that was pushing it when wearing jeans. My LX3 was also a bit on the large side, though my woman's TZ3 is just about right. It's not tiny, but it's streamlined enough to be a comfortable fit without needing a case.

I find I often just delete the FZ200 pictures that I take at full zoom, not because they're terrible, but they just seem bland and not that sharp. At the same time, I really like the reach of being able to use the viewfinder and at least attempting a shot at very long distances. It's great for zooming in on a bird that's still, or deer, or taking a sort of long range macro.

I'm very much considering the TZ60 from Panasonic, due to its range, but have serious concerns that I'll just end up deleting all of the long range pictures anyways, due to the small sensor and likely blur at the long end.

The RX100 II seems to be getting relatively less expensive now that a new model is coming out, but aside from the lack of a viewfinder (aside from a very expensive EVF that would add bulk), it seems like a good pocket camera for me.

Do you find the flash adequate for in door shots? Say at 20 feet of a group of friends and family.

Do you find the lack of reach an issue for simple nature shots?

Do you find the modest macro ability to be a problem for simple things like shots of a flower (I don't need microscope level macro zoom, but would like detail and focus)?

I very much like to be able to shoot in low light, without an external flash, with something that can fit in my pocket. Does the RX100 sound like a fit for me, or am I still expecting too much from a pocket sized camera, and not willing to expect serious drawbacks?

Is the low-light capability of the RX100 M2 worthy of the extra cost vs a long range travel zoom capability, is essentially my question? Can you really use it indoors, without an external flash, or in the evening, or is it such a small difference that I might as well get a lower priced P&S pocket cam with the incredible ranges they offer now?

Thank you for your thoughts.

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