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Alex Notpro
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Re: all your megapixels are fake

Great Bustard wrote:

Alex Notpro wrote:

FYI all 16MP cameras use a Bayer CFA sensor, which means they're really 4MP interpolated to fake 16MP.

Actually, they're 16 MP monochrome pixels interpolated into 16 MP full color pixels.

OK but they're not even "full monochrome". Two thirds of the light and color information is discarded in each pixel. You need 4 of these partially blind monochrome pixels to make 1 real full color pixel.

I'd like a real 16MP camera please.

It would be matched by a 32 MP sensor covered with a Bayer CFA and outperformed by a 64 MP sensor covered with a Bayer CFA.

You are probably right (based on your track record), but I find it counter-intuitive that the equivalence ratio would be 2x rather than 4x. Are you fully considering "information content" of each pixel? Is there an additional layer of information interpolation lurking in there?

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