Considering an A99, everyone happy with theirs?

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Re: What matters is the final result

Nordstjernen wrote:

Calico Jack wrote:

So because one is electrical and one is optical the underlying fact that it's a full frame body and still a very capable one means that it's not to be considered because some prefer to view a pixelated world! I think not.

Many of us prefer a viewfinder that shows the final result, including exposure, tonal range and color, excellent focus control, etc., instead of what we can see with the naked eye anyway - why struggle with a viewfinder that shows a way too large dynamic range and no indication of correct exposure.

Well to be honest i really don't prefer, i don't mind it either. Truth is that 9/10 times i don't use the EVF, i'm not too fond of it, nor was i very fond of pressing my eye up to the OVF.

Exposure and color i don't need help with, composition however and being able to see that on the LCD with no delay is a game changer for me.

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