Is MFT the optimal system?

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Re: No, no and disagree.

Dave Sanders wrote:

XPro10 wrote:

If you don't want to read the entire article here are the cliff notes:

Almost everyone in the entire universe could do well and be satisfied forever with a 12mp camera the size of the EM1.

He didn't say that.

"I’m willing to bet that most people don’t know 12MP or less is more than enough for just about every conceivable use."

EXCEPT for Ming himself, because he is so special and has such great technical and artistic skills that HE requires much more than the common folks.

He also didn't say that.

"I print regularly at 36×24″ and larger – my last exhibition had prints from 32×32″ as the smallest size, and 60×90″ as the largest – but let’s be honest, how many others do?"


"You’ll notice I haven’t said anything about the Ultraprints. Simply: most people do not have the means or inclination to make one. The level of commitment required at every stage of the process is very, very high; I do it partially because I’m masochistic, and partially because I’ve always wanted to push the limits."

IMHO, Ming is a fairly good photographer and is very full of himself.

I disagree.

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Dave Sanders

Yes, a very humble man.

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