So, Steve Huff is not buying a Leica T

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meagre offerings
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Re: So, Steve Huff is not buying a Leica T

meagre offerings wrote:

with threads like this one, this forum will slowly morph into the likes of the fuji, canon and the nikon dslr forums.



Let's hope so; Leica has been the habitat of the rich for too long.


Yes I would say that your jumping to conclusions would mean you do belong in the previously mentioned forums.

If compared to some jobless guy in a ricketty village in the wilds of India, you could say I am rich, maybe very rich. But put beside some people, I am not rich at all, why when the Leica brand is mentioned, does it suddenly come down to money.

This attitude can come from either side of the debate. If one doesn't like leicas, then everyone who owns one is a rich idiot who can't use a real camera. If one criticises a Leica owner who maybe isn't that good a photographer (but thinks they are) then one is immediately jumped upon for being green with envy.

It just seems to go round in a never ending circle.



also ex secretary/treasurer and only member of the `lesser leica owners club`.

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