Still waiting on 23mm lens, should I change gears and get the 10-24

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Re: Still waiting on 23mm lens, should I change gears and get the 10-24

mjh04 wrote:

I ordered the XF 23mm from Amazon on the last day of the sale and am still waiting as it is backordered. Amazon's site says 1-2 months. I am starting to get a little impatient, but I know if I cancel I will lose the $749 price. I am starting to rethink this strategy and consider going with the 10-24 zoom. If I want to carry a partial kit, I like going out with with the 18-55 and the 14 mm for wide shots with one lens on my X-T1 and the other on the X-E2. I have really enjoyed the 14 mm lens so far. It is probably my most used lens. Once I have the 23, I am not sure if I would leave the 14 home and likely would end up carrying these three lenses all of the time. This might negate any size and weight advantage of the primes. I haven't seen the 10-24 in person, but am a little concerned about the size and weight of the lens. I can read the specs, but until you have it in hand, it is sometimes hard to get a perspective as to how it would feel to carry it around all of the time. I don't want to end up with a kit and have to carry almost as much as I did with the full frame camera. I am also trying to place a value on the f/1.4 speed of the 23 mm lens. I enjoy taking cityscapes at night and pictures around sunset, but those are often times I plan and use a tripod. For any of you with the 23 mm, how useful do you find the 1.4 speed for the type of photos you typically take with a 35mm equivalent lens?

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Mike Hedge

I don't think you get much use of 10-24 as you do with 14. The 14 is great lens, faster 2.8, much smaller.

Also, 10-24 is f4 while 23 is 1.4

I'm having 14 and 23 and I think it's well worth the wait.

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