So, Steve Huff is not buying a Leica T

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Re: So, Steve Huff is not buying a Leica T

Tom Caldwell wrote:

miro3 wrote:

Before the announcement last week, his web page "My Gear" had a paragraph under the description of his M240, saying something like "Stay tuned for additional gear that I will add soon that will complement the above system"

However, that text is removed now.

Given his lukewarm review the T, then he is definetely not buying a T for himself.

Me neither, but that is hardly breaking news

But I suggest that guys who review scads of cameras and lenses rarely have time to buy or use their own camera kit let alone need to do this. Why buy and depreciate a T when you can get the next model on loan in a few months time?

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Tom Caldwell

Well, he owns and likes an M240 with several Leica lenses.

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