auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: Do experts use auto-ISO ?

HI. I'd rather drop autofocus and matrix metering than auto Iso. Why? Because this is the 'dumbest' and then the most predictable one. It will always try to get the lowest Iso value.

I was very happy with the old Auto Iso implementation. It was perfect for non moving subjects. Not only for my comfort. When a subject doesn't move, it doesn't mean you have plenty of time. Light can change very quickly.
Of course camera shake depends on many parameters. But still one of them is focal length. This is why I would like to get back this 1/fl rule, this time with a selectable multiplier.

Many people wanted to manually set the minimum shutter speed. I'm happy they got it. I don't think this should be one group of users against another.

We could all benefit from an improved firmware mixing both the user-set minimum shutter speed for moving subjects and automatic minimum shutter speed for still subjects. The camera would not only be useable with a wider range of conditions. It would appeal to a larger crowd of users, which would mean more money for Fuji to develop lenses, improve firmwares etc.

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