Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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Exchange not refund.. Are you really getting the warranty coverage? OOPS!

ne beginner wrote:

karlreed wrote:

I buy new to get the service associated with "new" and, the manufacturers warranty. I also tend to buy from shops (but, there are about 15 pro or near pro camera shops within 45 mins of where I live.

I also return gear. These are expensive items and I really want them to do what I want. Suppliers I have dealt with look at my returns, and say "Wow, you really do take care..".

Unfortunately not everyone is you. Some portion of these returns were purchased with the intent to return. How careful is that buyer going to be? You may be testing it out in your home; someone else may be planning to take on vacation to the beach. How does the retailer know?

I have no doubt that I have items that were returned, indeed, I know I have in one case for sure.

I also know that in some cases, returned items go back to the factory for checking..

OK, I don't mind getting a returned item if it carries the new warranty and has the "new" levels of service. If I have returned it because it was not functioning, then, I expect the supplier to send it back to the factory.

If you've looked at your warranties, you see a lot of fine print and legalese. Some warranties are non-transferrable. Others can be transferred through manufacturer customer service. Some can be transferred by an authorized dealer. Some are automatically considered transferred by default as long as you have a receipt from an authorized dealer, and the product was sold to you as "new".

The Federal Gvt and each States also have their laws regarding warranties and consumer protection.

Suppose your warranty transfers as with a valid receipt from an authorized dealer. Six months later, you discover a problem, what you think is a defect, and send it in for what you expect should be a warranty repair. Then get an email saying the repair cost is $1,200, and the problem was caused by damage caused by being subject to a very hard knock. Like dropped. But you are careful, and never dropped it.

When you buy a product that has been sold and returned, this could very easily effect your warranty protection.

I simply will not buy gear from places that do not have a returns policy, and, I don't mind paying just a bit more for this.

I agree.

I am not sure I made it clear..

My favourite retailer has changed their policy, its now a 14 day EXCHANGE policy. Individual stores may do a refund if they know you. They are a bit dearer than some competitors, but, you pay for the exchange policy.

In Australia, Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a Federal tax paid on almost everything, including overseas internet purchases of more than a$1000. An Australian internet seller cannot avoid it. It is 10% as we speak.

Right now, there are few camera products where the pricing is such that its worth the trouble of buying over the internet.

As far as warranty is concerned, I think the customer would win if it was sold as brand new and bought back in a few days with any kind of problem.

Some items are very expensive here, some are about the same as if you import them, but, for most manufacturers, you loose the manufacturers warranty on bodies.

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