Advice for GPS to use during visit to UK (Yorkshire Dales)

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Re: Thanks for the suggestion...

Isabel Cutler wrote:

Some of the reviews were pretty negative, unfortunately.

I have tried a few alternatives recently. In many respects, I liked Google Maps best, the quality of the maps is impeccable, routing works well even with alternatives ... but for cost and privacy, I don't want a permanent data connection.

I like the way OsmAnd renders the maps, I can read them well on my Samsung Note 2. Even while driving, it's easy to zoom in and out and have both an efficient navigation and an overview on the area that I am driving through. I like that when I am not just speeding from one point to another, but want to learn more about where I am travelling.

It seamlessly changes over from car navigation to pedestrian, I like it a lot for walking in cities and some hiking, too.

The maps are not perfect and leave some thinking to myself, which I don't mind. There are lots of settings that need to be learned. Searching an address and locating it on the map can be a pain. Still, OsmAnd gives me the extra flexibility that I didn't find in dedicated sat nav systems and software.

The free version is limited to 10 downloads from within the application, but you can download as many maps as you like here:

HTH ... - have a good time in England.

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