auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: Do experts use auto-ISO ?

KariP wrote:

Christof21 wrote:


This is not the first time I complain about it in some replies. The way it behaves by ignoring the 1/focale rule to set the shutter speed is a huge problem in my case.

The 1/focale rule was fine for me. I often switch lenses, use zooms and now I have to always keep an eye on the minimum shutter speed.

I admit that I am really surprised that this issue is not often mentioned.


or 3 fixes. An expert camera should have these issues fixed.

I can not call myself an expert , but i have owned several cameras since ...

I want to use fixed ISO so that i can expect some fixed image quality. Why and when are you using auto ISO ? Is it some special genre or something ?

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I could ask the opposite question. Why do you fix ISO ??  But anyway, I don't want to start another debate between ISO shooters and auto iso shooters,  Yes, I mainly use auto iso except for some very specific cases.

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