auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

Steve W wrote:

I stand corrected. Thanks. I just checked the manual om the 5D III. What I couldn't find yet is a definition of what setting "Min Hutter Speed" to "Auto" really means but I'm searching on an iPad PDF reader wich isn't great.

I believe it roughly follows the 1/focal rule. Many people are requesting Canon to add the possibility to bias the algorithm just like on Nikon cameras, but I suppose it's going to take another decade for them to notice. The shutter speeds don't go any higher than 1/250th of a second, except on the 1DX since a recent firmware update, another botched job from Canon.

And from Fuji BTW, because for some obscure reason that makes sense only to Mr. Lunatic, Fuji forgot to add faster minimum shutter speeds to the X100s when they updated the X line a few months ago.

thanks for the lesson. Now I guess I want it on my Fuji not really. I prefer to set a hard min sutter speed based on what I'm planning to shoot.

Since I rarely if ever use zoom lenses I too usually prefer to set a fixed shutter speed and use whichever way is available to quickly (or in case of Fuji's custom modes not too slowly) change it depending on subject. But if I were to use zooms, and particularly stabilised ones, I'd certainly want the option to have the minimum shutter speed automatically selected according to a customisable algorithm.

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