Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition 2014

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Re: Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition 2014

JulesJ wrote:

hesbehindyou wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

I visited this show yesterday [...] I was knocked out by the quality of the photographs.

I was looking at the images wondering how these could be the best of the best (even taking into account they're part of a series):

Were there other factors they were judged on (i.e. other than the photographs), or is it just a case of some photography doesn't suit viewing on a monitor?

I'm not entirely clear what you are saying. It's best to just look at the photos and enjoy them. I don't know is they are meant yo be the best of the best, but dome if them are certainly very good. The diet you link to just show a few. The one of the guy with the tatoo is yes, part of a series.

They were all part of a series.  I was saying that some of the photos/series were mediocre, and was surprised they were able to win a prestigious photography competition.

Because of the mediocrity of some of the series, I wondered if they were being judged on aspects other than the photography (e.g. an article that went with them etc)

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