Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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Re: But, what about the value of a returns policy?

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I buy new to get the service associated with "new" and, the manufacturers warranty. I also tend to buy from shops (but, there are about 15 pro or near pro camera shops within 45 mins of where I live.

My Gosh that must be nice... and in this photographer's Utopia you describe... tell me, Do they force a camera store to charge hundreds more in VAT than online retailers?

Every shop I've been into in the DFW area acts like they are doing me a favor for having a store. This and the fact that they are automatically 8.25% higher off the bat makes the internet stores a no brainer.

Wouldn't it be nice if they could be judged on their crappy customer service alone

Hey- I guess a lot of them realize they are now just the show rooms for the internet business and get no benefit = crappy attitude.

Imagine if you ran a brick and mortar and you spent time with a "customer" giving him the benefit of your expertise and allowing him to peruse the goods... and just as he picks up the box... he's walking it to the register... then flips it on the side- scans the bar code and gets it for hundreds cheaper. Surprised more aren't the chipper, happy go lucky sort they once were

I did state "this (crappy attitude and service) and the fact they are higher with tax, make online a no brainer.

They are the ones with their livelihood in jeopardy, not me.  The hand was dealt to comes with the territory, etc. etc.  You don't have to be happy go lucky, but you do have to adapt to make it.

Here is a scenario that would make me want to come back and potentially buy from them.   I walk in...

Hello there, how are you?  How can I help you?  Oh, I'm just checking out cameras/lenses.  What kind of camera do you have?  What do you shoot?  Oh, you have a family?  How old are your kids.  Hey, we have a great rental program for you to try out said you had an event coming up and you are looking at the 70-200 2.8, (or the d610, d800 whatever... ).  Why don't you try it out this weekend for our first time rental price of $xx.  We'd just like to develop a relationship with you and serve your needs.  This is our way to do that.  Also, we offer a free sensor cleaning and and we'll also clean your lenses if you bring them in when you shop.

No thanks....I'm just looking.  We're glad you came in today, take your time and let me know if there any gear you want to look at and try.

You know, we've also started our own website that let's you order gear online.  Our prices are competitive, and we know that you have to pay sales tax so we offer free next day shipping since you are so close and if you really need the gear we offer same day courier delivery for a small fee.


I walk in...bell attached to the door since 1960 rings.  3 older people behind the counter don't flinch.  I walk around the story looking at odds and ends...nothing.

A repeat pro customer walks in...hey!  Hello, how you doing... what can we do for you..all 3 people are now talking to this guy.

I walk to the counter "we'll be with you in just a minute".  Wait, wait, wait.  I'd like to look at the 70-200 2.8.."It's a 70-200 2.8 just like all the others new in the box. It.s $2,399.  No need to test out.. do you want to buy it?  Can I try it out?  No, you have to rent it.  How much to rent?  Have you ever rented from us before?  No.  We'll it's $2,300 deposit on your credit card and it's $200 for the weekend.  OK.

Do you have the new Df?  Yes it's over there.  Do you want to buy it?  Not right now but I'm considering.   Guy at counter,  if you need anything else I'll be over here with a good customer.

There are many ways that the brick and mortar can compete.  I'm not going to make excuses for a bad business owner.  I'm sure there are good camera stores across the country, but I haven't found one in my area.

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