how good is Color Rendition of A6000

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Re: how good is Color Rendition of A6000

5nex7 wrote:

pixelpushing wrote:

5nex7 wrote:

pixelpushing wrote:

5nex7 wrote:

pixelpushing wrote:

5nex7 wrote:

clearzoom wrote:

Scarborough Faire is the best place as cast and costumes are in 100s of diff colors

It was quite a hot day. I am posting here originals and not PP so you can see what OCC camera

these are not OOC - out of the camera jpegs.

Well, he did say 'originals' and 'not PP', not that they were OOC JPEGs.

They could simply be hands-off RAW conversions. What tells you they're not OOC JPEG, anyway?

OCC... what could this mean... ? out of camera colors ? They are not.

Why can't they be? You can do quite a lot of tweaking of color output with OOC JPEG on just about any mirrorless or DSLR camera.

OCC obviously means OOC in this context, I'm assuming typo.

EXIF tells me.

Tells what? Where? He's twice said that these are OOC JPEGs without PP.

At least do you know how to read the EXIF ?

The EXIFs of thes files show that they are processed, and not straight out of camera jpegs.

For me out of the camera means.... out of the camera...

A better question is, exactly what are YOU reading that tells you they're not OOC JPEGs? What I know about EXIF is irrelevant.

!!!... then why are we still chatting...?

Don't feign myopia per context. You asked if I knew how to read EXIF. The reason that's irrelevant is, I'm not the one accusing OP of lying.

We're chatting because you have yet to establish how, exactly, his EXIF proves his pictures aren't non-PP or OOC.

A lack of certain EXIF tags doesn't mean OP is lying about them being un-PP OOC JPEGs. I see no outward indicator of editing. Uploading to Flickr and other sites can alter EXIF. So can other things that don't affect image properties in any way.

If one posts one photo saying that it is OOC jpeg ( unaltered.. even "original" ), for showing colors, or other qualities of a camera, I would expect it to be as advertised: OOC jpeg.

He did say that. More than once.

Anyways, believe what you want.

Why, thanks.

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