D4 or D800E for birds?

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Re: D4 or D800E for birds?

larrywilson wrote:

Andy, excellent bif website. Were all of these taken with the d800e? I have not fully tested out my new used d800e for bif, but af seems very good. I think maybe my now sold d4 was a little better, but the lack of cropping ability was the negative side of the d4. I usually go to Federal and State Refuges and usually not very close to the subjects so need the extra pixels. I use the battery grip with aa batteries and will purchase a d4 battery and charger to get me 6 frames per second, plenty for bif.


hawk in flight

hawk in flight 2

Hi Larry,

thanks for the nice comments.

All the shots prior to end of Jan this year were taken with the D600 and anything from Feb onwards was taken with the D800E. Prior to March this year I was using the 80-400G and after that, most shots are with the 500mm F4. I have avoided using the grip to give the extra frames as it adds to the weight - and this kit is heavy enough as it is. I often reduce the frame to 24*16 to get the extra frames if the birds are small - but as I said above - I very rarely get a problem of not enough fps. As long as you are quick enough to get the birds before they turn away then I usually dont miss them.

The 800e is a great camera.

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