RX1, does it still makes sense?

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Re: RX1, does it still makes sense?

va2k0r wrote:

Since you can now find it on Ebay for around 1700 euros do you think it still makes sense now that A7 is out?
RX1 lens in sharper and faster than 35 mm 2.8 and the lens/body combo is slightly more expensive. What do you think?


I REALLY wanted to find a reason to buy the A7R and sell my RX1-I mean I REALLY REALLY DID!

I had my cart filled out several times, especially with the discounts on the combinations.

BUT when it was all said and done, the 35mm F2.8/A7R has a decent lens but not up to par of the RX1 and the best lens, namely the 55 F1.8 makes the combination so large it kind of defeats the purpose of having a small camera and I don't see the trend changing with the release of the 70-200.

One of the things I loved about my old Leica cameras was the size of both camera and lens (maybe not the weight) which so far, with the exception of the 35 f2.8, the A7R can't compete with the RX1 as a tiny walk around camera.

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