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Re: Shallow DoF?

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The F-equivalence you're referring to is for depth of field on a crop sensor...NOT in light gathering ability. For purposes of light gathering, F4 is F4.

For purposes of exposure, maybe, but not light gathering. A shallow DOF implies more light is being gathered.

That is not correct. A shallow DoF implies the ratio of the effective entrance pupil size to the sensor size is large, and does not directly apply to light gathering. If the sensor size and focal length remain the same, a shallow DoF implies a larger aperture— which will gather more light. But that relationship gets more complicated (and less direct) when the sensor and focal length vary.

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Sensor size doesn't matter if you're using equivalent angles of view, which I assume would be done in the case zackiedawg had an issue with.  If you have the same angle of view and same effective aperture, you'll get the same DOF and capture the same amount of light gathering ability.  If two cameras have the same angle of view and one's got less DOF, it must be because it's capturing more light.  It's as simple as that.  Sensor size does not matter at that point except in terms of maximum capacity.

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