Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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Thank you, you hit the nail on the head

Marty deliberately misrepresented the point, a common argument and debate tactic. He created a straw man, then argued against THAT instead of the real point. He use the absurd in that argument, so that someone who only read his post would agree with him, and dismiss the whole thread as absurd.

Marty may, or if not should, be a politician, because that is SOP in when you can't argue on the point. When you can't win, shift the argument.

absentaneous wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

Imagine if no one would buy a pair of shoes if someone else had tried them on. Or if no one would buy a suit or a dress if someone else had touched them. Or a piece of jewelry that some other customer had tried on. Or if we all refused to buy a car, unless it had zero miles on the odometer. No road tests allowed!

And what would happen if no one would marry someone unless they were pure and "untouched?"

These are just cameras. They aren't medical devices that get implanted in your heart. They don't need to be sterilized and sealed to keep germs out.

Sometimes I wonder if the "I won't buy a camera that was touched by human hands" people actually use the cameras that they do keep. Or maybe they just display them in a glass case, like a museum piece?

missing the point completely. I buy second hands product too. have no problem with that. thing is that when I do that I KNOW I am buying a used product. so, it's my choice and I am given that choice.

what I have a problem with is that I am basically lied to. if something was "used" just tell me so and I will then decide if I want to buy it or not. as simple as that. don't force things on me by hiding the fact that it was used, tried out before etc.

so, the problem is not so much in the "used" part but in the attitude with which you as a customer are treated because you are denied a choice.

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