Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

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Re: Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

blue_skies wrote:

JYPfoto wrote:

I know it's really early to ask this since some people just got theirs or didn't yet, but anyone either get theirs or try the a6000 in the store and stayed with their 6/7?

I shot the NEX6 for roughly 6 months and the 7 for about 3 months back in late 2012/early 2013. I have very fond memories of them both. Ergonomically speaking, I think the 7 was one of the best cameras I held, both in terms of the dials, but also the grip. It's been quite some time though since I had them in hand and quite a number of cameras ago.

Fast forward to today, got home with my shiny new a6000 and 16-70 kit. The sun was set and didn't get to shoot outdoors or set anything up in the menu. But for some reason the a6000 just feels... Different. I don't know if it's the size, the dials, or what. But I don't have the same feel with it as I did the 7 or even the 6. I don't know if it feels cheaper or if Im remembering the 7 totally different from is the actual truth. Maybe it's that the 7 was such a revolutionary camera for it's time that I think of it being better than it actually was. It's still only the first day but my initial reaction was so underwhelming that I priced out some used 7's. I know that AF wise there's no contest and I know that the a6000 is probably cleaner at even mid ISO's but if this initial reaction continues I may just get another 7 and see if a true 7 successor with similar ergonomics to the original comes out at Photokina or later.

Anyone else feel the same?

Well, if you hold the Nex-6, Nex-7 and A6000 next to one another, the A6000 feels lightest.

It also feels 'simpler', if that word makes any sense, in terms of button feel and grip.

But the lower-res EVF actually works better, low light white-balance seems better, UI is improved, AF is faster (with native E lenses), 24Mp is an upgrade over the Nex-6, handling WA lenses without purple cast is an improvement.

For quality, the Nex-7 still stands alone. All metal body (ie. no Wifi), feel and handling is superb.

The A6000 feels cheaply made, next to a Nex-7, but the other features certainly make up for it.

But an A7000 for just a 'more expensive feel' won't cut it - it needs another 'must have' feature to justify its higher price point.

Even so, an A6000 or A7000 won't break the ISO barrier - the A7/r/s still easily outperform them.

I did some indoor side-by-sides (A6000+E24Z at f2 versus A7+FE32 at f2.8) and the A7 easily wins.

My NEX-5N is underused, so maybe a A6000 is an alternative?! I got the E24Z (that and two Sigmas), as well. Care to post any images?!

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