Going to the toilets... what lens should I take ?

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Re: Important thoughts on a toilet shoot

lordofthelints wrote:

First on the question of the OP: I would select a lens which suits the size of your toilet. Most people forget about this important fact. A wrong chosen focal length can ruin a toiletshoot in seconds. Try cramming your 500mm tele in a 2 by 2 meters toilet. It's just not going to work out the way you had in mind.

Next.. The question which results from your focal length: Am I going to use a tripod??
This is highy dependable on the speed of your lens and you have to ask yourself the following question: Can I wipe off and take a photograph one handed at the same time?? And will I go in before or after my tripod?

If you cannot fit a tripod or you just don't want to, you absolutely need IS! One handed multitasking (and I don't even talk about the actual flush moment) could lead to some shake.

Last thing to consider: Weather sealing. This is essential when you're planning to p*ss as well before taking a sh*t. Things can get messy in the heat of a good photo opportunity, so don't take this too lightly.
For canon shooters: I would opt for a Canon 100mm L macro with IS. For Nikon the 105 VR will do. Other brands, just flush your camera it's not up for it.

Everybody is talking sh*t and lenses this topic. But I think there could also something being said on differences white balance performance in artifial lighting conditions and which camera provides the best DR for a toilet. I've got a Canon 5d mark2, a canon 7d and a Nikon D800, but I am not sure which will perform best in a toilet.

Please don't talk trash and sh*it, this is a very informative topic for once!
Anyone got some ideas on this? Thanks a lot!

... that should flush out the closet photographers!

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