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Re: fear and ignorance

photoreddi wrote:

Of course nothing can be proved, but I've seen more than a dozen forum posts reporting memory card file corruption over the last several years and most of them turned out to have happened to people using microSD card adapters in their cameras.

Oh gee, good for you. Snooze. Others use them and don't have problems.

Usually several people advise the OP to switch from microSD + adapter to just an SD card and in all the cases I've seen, that fixed the file corruption issue.


It's not surprising that the card adapter would be the usual culprit because it lengthens the data path, adding additional metal contacts that can increase signal noise and reflections.

The only signal noise I am sensing is your ridiculous posturing and need to be 'right'.


Fear and ignorance
You were wrong on the speed issue and I'd suggest you are wrong on this point too

I think that the ignorance is on your side, and you're aggressive, taunting reply makes you most resemble an immature troll that's afraid to have a reasonable, rational discussion.

Oh yes, you are the "rational discussion guy". Your abrasive responses could be sold as sand-paper in the local hardware store. Please re-visit your hostile tone all throughout this discussion....yet now you consider yourself the beacon of rational discussion? LOL. No further comment necessary. Wrong on both counts, by the way.

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