megapixels and post-processing algorithm performance

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Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

A highly noisy image might require lots of noise reduction for editing, which partially goes against the idea of having lots of megapixels to begin with.

For the case of ideal "MP increase", you are only increasing the information about the scene, not reducing it. If a larger amount of pixels are representing the same scene, each pixel will be lower quality, but the high-rez image can always be converted to the same form as the low-rez image. Thus, a general algorithm will have more to work with in the high resolution case. Think of it as election polls, if you have two polls of 100 people each, they will (making some assumptions) together be every bit as good as a single poll of 200 people, and may (in some cases) be somewhat better.

Now, MP increase may not be "ideal" in the sense that I am suggesting, and all processing algorithms may not be general in the sense that they perfectly exploit all of the information in the file. Both are practical snags, not fundamental limits.


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