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Does anyone think that Olympus will offer an OMD camera with a 24 mp or greater sensor in the near future?

Do you need to print on a very large scale? I'd rather they improve overall IQ before adding pixels. It's not about the pixels.

...feel more pixels are at odds to "higher IQ", when, in fact, the exact opposite is almost always the case.

I would be willing to listen to your argument if you could explain further.

As a percent, how many cameras with a lower pixel count have "higher IQ" than cameras with a higher pixel count for a given sensor size?

It hasn't been the case in the past. The pattern was pretty clear, the chip makers produced a higher mp sensor, then the camera manufacturers produced a 1st gen camera that was a step backwards in IQ, and 18 months later the sensors were good enough for a 2nd gen version that caught up the the quality of the previous sensor. If we were lucky a 3rd gen camera was produced that actually made strides in IQ (but not always). I'm not willing to support that tech 'improvement' model anymore.

But if you can make a case that things have changed, I'm willing to hear you out.

The 5D2 had "higher IQ" than the 5D. The D7000 had "higher IQ" than the D300. The EM5 had "higher IQ" than the EP3. The D800 has "higher IQ" than the D700. The...

My old Canon 20D with its bigger APS-C sensor and HUGE pixel pitch at only 8-megapixels can't come close to the IQ, DR and noise performance of my EM-10 with its tiny sensor and miniscule pixel pitch. Back in those days, it really was true that you wanted less pixels to deal with noise and DR but today, these engineers have made great strides in both sensor and processor technology that the final product of more megapixels and smaller pixel pitch doesn't mean less DR or more noise. Its like these scientists actually can walk and chew gum.

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