Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Re: Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

Two things:

1. With the image comparison he posted with the J1, there is something clearly wrong with the lens on the V3, like its got a film of grease on it or something. The samples I've seen suggest that the V3 turfs the V1/J1 sensor, a pretty big argument in favor of the new camera.

2. However, image quality aside: remember when the V1 came out, everyone complained it was too large? Now the V3 comes out small, and people complain it is too small? The V1 was built like a tank, but it didn't have a swivel LCD or a ton of dials and switches. Now the V3 comes out loaded up with controls and flexible LCD (which are going to make the whole package seem more flimsy on a camera this small) and people complain it feels cheap.

It seems like he didn't use the grip. Pro Tip: use the grip. Both the V1 and V3 are basically naked without it.

That said, Steve stood out as a big fan of the V1, and I am too. So, obviously the V3 is going to be less appealing to people like us than to the people who hated the V1. I also think his dislike of microSD is a fair point. It's fine if you are full-time WIFI/USB user, but for people lwho run everything though the card reader it is inconvenient.

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