disable 16:9 automatic cropping in Lightroom

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Re: disable 16:9 automatic cropping in Lightroom

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Anyway after searching around I found a solution that works for me. Using exiftool in command line mode run this command when you're in the folder containing your RAW files:

exiftool -exifimageheight=3264 -exifimagewidth=4912 *.ARW

Don't forget to resync the exif data in Lightroom after that. I assume the numbers will change if you have a 14 MP NEX.

I wonder if this works even if I am shooting in portrait mode?

I now always shot in 16:9 mode because it fills my LCD liveview completely, giving me a bigger picture to see. But Sony IDC will not recover the 3:2 image when running in batch mode. It would be great if I can use IDC to convert "16:9" RAW back into 3:2 JPG.

Good info.

It really seems like RAW should give you easy access to every captured pixel

I found out that in order to fool Sony's IDC to use the uncropped, I need to use another tag:

exiftool -previewimagesize=1616x1080 *.ARW

Changing -exifimageheight is not needed but won't hurt. The above also works for vertical (portrait) images.

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