Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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Patrick McMahon wrote:

I like to go in and try out a lenses. The idea that my asking a camera shop to try a lens would effectively reduce the value of a lens because of a seal is unfair.

the real question is why should this be free? why should it be free for you to try out a lens? why should other people pay for that and not just the person who wants to try out the lens? I have no problem with you wanting to try out something before you buy it and I have no problem with the shop letting you do that. but hey, not on my expense! if something was tried out before than I have the right to know that and choose whether that is ok for me or not. don't hide that from me. that's all I ask.

when people buy something online they expect it to be "new" not "tried out". so, if it's something that was "tried out" before I want to know it. that's the whole story. do whatever you want, give people a chance to try it out for a month if you want, I don't care. but don't sell me something as "new" when it's not. is this really an unfair thing to ask?

Additionally, the notion that a shop should have one extra of every lens as a trial places another unfair burden on them. Lens are not raspberries, they are not going to be bruised and destroyed by people handling them under the supervision of a sales technician.

yes, a lens won't just get useless because someone tried it out or because 20 people tried it out but the question is why should I get that lens when I can get one which wasn't tried out at all and pay the same amount of money for it? so, you go and try things out and then buy stuff that other people tried out as well if you like but why should everybody else who don't try things out do that? again, try things out, do whatever you want but not on my expense!

I get the concept... but again, if this is something that concerns people then stop shopping at Amazon. And if you don't want to buy from a local, trusted camera shop then buy from a retailer who charges a 20% restocking fee.

yes, that's what I do when I get scammed by an online shop. I stop shopping there. because it's a scam.

And if you buy from Amazon and know that you have a camera that is a return, and it bothers you in some subjective way... return it.

the problem is that it's not always that obvious that something was a return. some shops are really careless and they can really send you a product that is obviously used because you find tons of fingerprints and whatnot all over it. but others may do a pretty good job in repacking things in a way that it would be hard to know it was actually already sold and used. and what allows them to do so is exactly the fact that there is no firm policy about giving a customer a guarantee that the package wasn't opened after it left the factory.

so, the issue is really simple. if I have to choose between a brand new product and product that was already tried out even just once for the same money then I'd obviously choose the brand new one product. and I think it's fair that this choice is given to me. so, whatever else the shop want to do it's their own business as long as they give me that choice.

so, if something is brand new then tell me it's brand new. if something was used then tell me it was used and how much it was used and let me decide if I still want to buy it or not. do not scam me by selling me something that was already used as "brand new".

and why should I be the one who has to figure out whether what I got was used or not and then bother to return things back if I wasn't happy with that?! is this really a fair way to do business? I don't think so. why should't I have the right to make that choice before I even order a product?

so, maybe what shops should do is to keep a list of those people who return goods for "no reason" and then sell them return goods as well. I think that would be fair and everyone should be happy. so, if it happens that you return something even if it was working perfectly fine and you just had some subjective reason you didn't like it then you should be put on the list of people who will be sold used goods too. so, what you return will be then sold to a person who also returned something just as you did and you should get what other people returned. and same goes to local shops. so, when you try something out in the shop and you like it then you buy that exact lens or camera you've been trying out and pay for it as much as you'd pay for brand new one if that's what makes you happy.

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