GH4 + Speed Booster + Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC ?

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Heyseuss Hoolio
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Re: GH4 + Speed Booster + Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC ?

Garug wrote:

Would Lumix GH4 (or GH3) work together with


Sigma 18-35 mm F1.8 DC HSM for Nikon F mount


1. The speed booster crop factor on M43 is 1.42X would that cause vignetting with the Sigma 18-35 mm F1.8?

2. What functionality would be available, what lost?

3. What is the difference of Nikon F and G mount, would this cause problems?

4. is anyone using they combination?

I really would like to have EF mount of the Sigma, but there is no speed booster :-(.

I have this combo on em-1/em-5.  I did a bit a research about this beforehand and decided to go for it, I have no regrets. Had a whole night out carrying it too so got to use it in different circumstances and got a good feel for it, used it wide open the whole night.

The Nikon F mount is what I got. The sharpness is outstanding. At 18mm with the Metabones there is noticeable vignetting in the corners if shooting against a light background. Any other times it's either not noticeable or fits the image with the background blur. At 18mm with the Metabones is 13mm (as the calculation comes out too), confirmed this comparing it with another lens at 13mm. 13mm is easily wide enough to use like a "12mm" lens.

I have no problem with manual focus, most the lenses I use now are adapted so I'll use either the focus peaking or the zoom function, whichever suits the situation better. The lens wasn't designed as a manual focus lens so I do notice other "manual" lenses are easier to focus because they're designed for it, longer focus throw so you don't pass your focus point so fast.

Yes it is a larger lens, so if you're using it don't expect to put the camera in your pocket later. I carried it around the whole night hanging around my neck and it was a blast shooting with it and I really enjoyed it and was glad I got it. It's actually a very useful wide angle zoom range.

Also the lens focuses super close!

All images below are wide open.

18mm w/Metabones (13mm)

35mm w/Metabones (25mm)

18mm w/Metabones (13mm)

35mm w/Metabones (25mm)

18mm w/Metabones(13mm)  This is straight out of the camera, I can't see how this can be any sharper.  Here's an example of the vignetting in the corners against a light background.

35mm w/Metabones (25mm), straight out of camera

18mm w/Metabones (13mm), straight out of camera

35mm w/Metabones (25mm), Closest focusing, straight out of camera.  Palm tree.

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