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Re: I love reviews like this one.

Raist3d wrote:

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

Most folks actually do that. That's the problem with MicroSD cards.

I do it too...rather than connect the camera up with a cable. But honestly, it's not a big issue. MicroSD + SD adapter into laptop or whatever. It's hardly worth a whinge, really. While shooting, the cards are so big nowadays (storage-wise) that it's hardly necessary to remove one. Plus this camera has wi-fi.

Price-wise, 64GB is the "sweet spot" for pricing as we speak. It buys you the most GB for your dollar in most cases.

Some people hate the idea of tracking the little card which can be lost, and now an extra flimsy adapter. As Doug said- "most people actually do that."- take the card out.

The adapter's I've used have been very SD-like and solid, but there is no doubt that it's an extra step to stick it in one and there is no doubt the handling is worse than SD.

If you do and doesn't bother you cool. It sure bugs me a bit too.

Yeah a bit. Steve Huff sounds like he was huffing and puffing over this point, which to me is a bit of a "meh" issue.

What Nikon could have done here to justify the move to the card and also part of the price is to have provided *dual* MicroSD card slots with all the professional workflow and fault tolerance benefits that would have entailed.

This would be really awesome. But then management will probably complain that their mirrorless line-up is competing with some of their DSLRs. We can't have that

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