D4 or D800E for birds?

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Re: 800 is not what you need

T O Shooter wrote:

Well I have D4, 800e, 700 and 7100. Af wise best to worse. D4 D7100 D700 D800e. And if you're shooting birds that's important. And in my limited use of the 7100 I would give the nod to the D4 for image quality. More than just the number of pixels at play here. But I thought you were comparing 800 to D4? Why is your D7100 back in the mix? Yoo can't get around poor buffer with BIF. And D800/e maxes out pretty quickly too

Just sayin' and it's obviously your choice, but for BIF and money not being a problem, the D4S is the one with D4 next.

I speak of the D7100 because it is what I'm used to. So, naturally I will compare that to whichever body I pick up next (and I'm sure I will still use the 7100 at times, well that's what i say now).

Yes, there is more to photography than pixels that's for certain. I'm just thinking from the perspective of what I have now, and not wanting to go "backwards" in any regard (laughable to think a D4 would be moving backwards though!).

Interesting you put the D800e last for AF, i have read of people saying it is excellent, some saying its better than the D4. All very close i imagine. The D7100 is certainly excellent in the AF department, but i have nothing else to compare it to.

For still birds I think the D800e would be the go, the detail I see people get is exceptional. For BIF the D4s is the obvious winner.... flipping a coin might be the ideal solution.

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