OMD with more MP?

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Re: Actually...

Steve_ wrote:

Smaller pixels result in "higher IQ" if the smaller pixels do not result in greater read noise per area on the photo ...

That's a pretty big if.

Not really.  For example, the 16 MP EM5 has less read noise per area than the 12 MP EP3.

Perhaps that is one reason the D800 doesn't sport anything like a .0026mm/pixel pitch.

For any given tech and sensor size, there is a "sweet spot" for pixel count, and this "sweet spot" is continuously moving towards larger and larger pixel counts with successive generations of sensors.

And I'd be surprised if its successor does, either. If I do the math correctly that would produce a 128MP solution.

The thing is, more pixels result in more resolution, regardless of the lens (of course, the sharper the lens, the more resolution you'll get).  More resolution means more latitude for NR (noise reduction).  So, even if more pixels are intrinsically more noisy, depending on how much more noisy, the greater pixel count will still result in more detail with the same or less noise with appropriate processing.

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