Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

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Re: Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

RonFrank wrote:

JYPfoto wrote:

Fast forward to today, got home with my shiny new a6000 and 16-70 kit. The sun was set and didn't get to shoot outdoors or set anything up in the menu. But for some reason the a6000 just feels... Different.

..... It's still only the first day but my initial reaction was so underwhelming that I priced out some used 7's. .....

You have not used the camera at all and your on the web giving us this valuable feedback?

You need to use a product before you can get online and give first impressions, or did they not teach that in web 101. Imagine how popular DBReview would be if instead of camera reviews they did imaginary reviews based on nothing!

Hey here is an idea, use the product first BEFORE giving everyone your feedback!!!!

Wow, I never have any definitive feedback or titled my post 'My review' or 'My in depth impressions'.  I do post my thoughts on cameras, I posted a lengthy one when I got my E-M1 back in September which was one of the first in depth impressions that I recall.  Same on my comparison between the E-M1 and the GH4.  I didn't know that someone had to know a camera inside and out before asking a simple question.  Have you never gone to a restaurant, taken one bite and decided that someone just wasnt right?  Would you have to set the entire meal to ask someone else 'does this taste right to you?'.

I've used the NEX6 and 7 and thought that the a6000 would be similar, but my first reaction was that it wasn't.  I apologize to the forum if my asking what I did on my initial post went against forum etiquette for using a camera extensively before asking for other opinions on the matter.

My thought process going in was thinking that the a6000 would be my daily workhorse with fast AF and I could get an a7r for static and landscapes, but I've decided to keep my GH4 as my daily user and get a used NEX-7 for tripod work and wait for a new possible APS-C flagship or a more mature ff line.

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