OMD with more MP?

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Re: Actually...

Steve_ wrote:

Hi Joe. I saw that yes. I didn't see anyone complaining about the pixel count being too high though. How come?

Perhaps because Canon's sensor problem are not a product of pixel pitch... It's not the same situation as m43.

Canon's "sensor problem" is due to:

  • Low pixel count compared to the competition
  • High read noise at base ISO (this is an ADC issue, not sensor issue, per se)
  • Color noise higher that it could be

Current m43 sensors have all that Canon lacks...

Current mFT sensors have less read noise per area than Canon sensors at low ISO.  Other than that, what did you have in mind?

- but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to crank up the resolution to the point that pixel pitch is (an even bigger) problem that it already is.

Pixel pitch isn't the problem at all, except inasmuch as smaller pixels would result in more resolution (e.g. D800 or A7R vs Canon FF).

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