Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

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Re: Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

Northoceanbeach wrote:

I just purchased a nex 7 for a similar price to the a6000. I thought hard about the a6000 instead. So I'm definitely not a fanboy trying to make up reasons the 7 is better. I'm new, but the 7 just feels like a better camera for ME. I'm thinking that in reality they are very close. Better build, tri nav and level(I love the level), faster AF for the a6000. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to this. the a6000 is an upgrade to the 6 not the 7 And I don't think it replaces both. I have fast auto focusing in my nikon 1. It's important, but it's not everything.

Keep watching DxOmark, which is testing various e-mount lenses with the Sony bodies, although not yet the A6000.  According to those tests, the NEX 7 sensor is inferior in effective resolution to the 20-meg. sensor in the A5000/A3000 and is surely even more inferior in effective resolution to the 24-meg sensor in the A6000.

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