Why all the Df hate?

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G1Houston wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Yes, but we have a group of mostly satisfied Df owners vs. a small group that makes claims about failed ergonomics minus the benefit of experience.

Who shall we believe?

How do you know the latter group is "small?" In particular, you need to count those who looked at Df and passed it by because of its overall design.

Actually, I don't need to count anything. My Df is comfortable in my hands and the same goes for many others.

This is awesome publicity for Nikon. Even if the Df is not a niche product, it's sure looking even more special that it is with all of this debate. It reminds me of the Tesla Model S, which I hear many people argue about, yet few have driven. But drive one for a bit and you will want one badly and the critics don't matter at all.

If the Df didn't do anything better than my D800 I would not own it. But it does and it does them with an interface and profile that is unique. If it's not your fit, move along. Why worry about it? I don't want a D610, which I see as pointless against the D800. But that view is my own and I voted with my wallet.

Buy what works for you. Why are a small group so concerned about what others enjoy? This is why accusations of jealousy and worse get started; because after a while it sounds like all manner of sour grapes. And if it's not that then it just sounds nasty and mean and owners ask, "why are you bashing something you don't own?"

It's just not a good reflection on you or this forum. I wrote to DPreview about it as well. To me it's the very essence of trolling, yet somehow it's permitted as "opinion" in spite of the overtones that most anyone can read.

Now imagine if I entered most D610 threads and explained again and again why I don't like the camera. And in doing this made it pretty tough for owners to even enjoy a discussion or ask questions. Then imagine if I started a thread on why I dislike the D610. Well I did just that to make a point and the response was pavlovian, though the point was largely missed. I have no issue with ANY of the Nikon cameras. I think they're all excellent...because they are. I'm not a maniac obsessing over nonsense. Better to obsess  over light and color, no?

I really think the moderators should have a long look at the passive aggressive negativity that is strewn about this forum. If you find yourself doing it again and again you have a problem and it's not the same as the owner of a camera talking about the positive aspects of their gear.


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