Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Re: Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

WCguy wrote:

Funny for the last year in several forums especially the Sony forum, many folks complained about the RX1 and other cameras not really being pocketable, Nikon makes the V3 very pocketable and folks are bitching that it is too small including Huff. Manufacturers will never win, they are fighting a losing battle. Huff is just a guy who has a web site putting forth his 2 cents. If folks take his feelings and word on cameras as gospel , thats their problem. I never read or don't read a book just because of one person's review or say so, I do my homework and come to my own conclusion to suit my needs and desires. Huff is a good read once in a while, but he is not my decision maker. WC

I have no problems with Huff, as his likes have proved to be mine, except, maybe the Olympus XZ-1, which he liked a lot, for a while. Eventually the XZ-1 proved to have a lens that was very fast at the wide, and not brilliant at all zoomed out!

And Huff doesn't praise it any longer!

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