Why all the Df hate?

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G1Houston wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Yes, but we have a group of mostly satisfied Df owners vs. a small group that makes claims about failed ergonomics minus the benefit of experience.

Who shall we believe?

How do you know the latter group is "small?" In particular, you need to count those who looked at Df and passed it by because of its overall design.

I got rid of my awful iPhone 5 and got a Galaxy Note II which has a proper screen, better audio and incredible battery life. Apple plans to catch up with adult sized phones due out in the fall.

Is there a correlation between loving Df and loving Samsung TV-sized "phone?"

Keep in mind that at one time Apple set the smartphone market and others followed.

But the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 and later models (along with some other good efforts) changed that.

Now it's Apple playing catch-up and trying reclaim a huge section of buyers who want phones they can actually read. Owning both of these products is all you need to know which one sounds better and looks better. And the S4 was the finishing move. Steve Jobs would not have let this happen as the writing was clearly on the wall.

The proof? Apple is now planning to release two large screen phones 2 long years after Samsung and Android gained a huge portion of the market. It's called following the market and Apple never did that in recent years.

BTW, I'm an Apple snob. I do my photo editing on a maxed out quad core with 27" screen and my apple notebooks are also new models. But the iPhone is out of my life now because it's no longer the best. My Samsung phones have unlimited memory, swappable batteries and readable screens.

How this relates to Nikon....not sure!


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