Why all the Df hate?

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Patrick McMahon
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Shotcents wrote:

Yes, but we have a group of mostly satisfied Df owners vs. a small group that makes claims about failed ergonomics minus the benefit of experience.

Who shall we believe?

With the actual D800 and Df sitting on my desk I can make a clear point. Holding the Df naturally, as I would my old F2, my fingertip pad falls perfectly on the shutter button. But on the D800 the shutter button falls under the last joint of my index finger, which never feels right. So in it's most basic operation, the shutter release, my Df is already a better fit. And that's the button most important to me! My wife, with smaller hands simply finds the D800 bulky and the grip too deep. Everyone's hands are not the same; not by a long shot.


This would likely be one of those claims that tends to incite critics. And fair is fair, it is your opinion based on a proposed fact (your hand size) that can't readily be controverted. But...

I have taken my Df for a spin and had it on the streets shooting on a very regular basis almost 10K shots. To call it a success of ergonomics is utter lunacy, in my opinion. I have adapted to my Df, my long fingers run down the grip at an angle... my pinkey, get this- my pinkey curls up and inside the hollowed out battery area of my half case. I don't even know if that is physically possible??? But that is where it is. Can you freakin' imagine?

I pick up my D700 and it is immediately an extension of myself. I mean immediately. I don't think someone could pry it from my hands... the Df can't give me that security on the street. And as extremely comfortable as I am with operating it is nothing like a modern day DSLR. And it doesn't pretend to be. In my opinion, it is an outlandish claim that I think would have the designers laughing their arses off.

But I love my Df... Does the placement of the strap-ring bother me, not in the least. locks- no problem, front dial- stupid, don't use it.

In my opinion, it is a very special camera and is a perfect fit for me at this stage of my shooting.Try it, if you like it, you'll love it.

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