Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Why all the Df hate?

Felts wrote:

MPA1 wrote:

People have difficulty accepting other people's needs are not identical to their own.

Personally I wouldn't buy one - it would not suit the way I work. Nothing to do with it being 'bad' or 'good'; I am just comfortable with what I need to use to do what I do, and the Df isn't it.

If they put the D4 sensor in the D800 body, I would sell my D3s and my D3x and buy 2 of them immediately - which is of course why they did not do that, because they'd lose 80% of their D4 sales!

Really this is all I request... A tiny bit of reason from those that don't own the camera! What works for one, doesn't work for another...

Thanks MPA1 for the fair comment. This is the second time I've thanked someone on this forum for having a modicum of understanding. God knows its what the world needs more of.

Anyway, now that we've worked this out we can all go home and be happy with our wonderful FX cameras, can't we?


Oh well, I'm happy so sod the rest!

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Sadly people nowadays do not have what my old school masters often referred to as 'the courage of their convictions'.

The internet has bred a whole generation who seem only to feel comfortable with being 'in the crowd' rather than being able to explore and determine what gear actually helps them do what they need to do, regardless of whether their choice is 'popular' or not.

You can see elements of this here on DPR by the numbers of people who rush out and order the Next Big Thing as soon as pre-orders are available despite no proper reviews or any evidence that the NBT will actually fit in with their workflow or business needs etc etc,.

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